7 important advices to Care for Your Air Conditioner

7 important ADVICE to Care for Your Air Conditioner

Care for your air conditioner

Care for your air conditioner is essential in order to ensure that it operates safely, efficiently, and keeps you comfortable throughout its lifespan. Without proper maintenance, your air conditioner may experience increased energy consumption, suffer from unexpected breakdowns, and lose its cooling effectiveness.

Here are 7 advice and procedures to car for your air conditioner.

1-Cleaning the Internal Filters

The first step to care for your air conditioner is by frequently of cleaning the filters in your air conditioner’s indoor unit depends on the amount of dust and pollutants within your space and the activities that take place there (residential, factory, showroom, etc.). Regularly cleaning the filters is crucial for maintaining efficient airflow and cooling, because dirty filters can obstruct air circulation on the cooling coil, reducing its ability to cool effectively. Over time, clogged filters in your air conditioner can also block the drainage pipes, preventing condensate water from draining properly and potentially causing leaks or even mold growth.

2-Cleaning the Internal Cooling Coil

Regular filter cleaning helps keep the internal cooling coil in your air conditioner clean. However, neglecting filter cleaning for long periods can lead to a build-up of dirt and grime on the coil. A thorough cleaning of the coil may then be necessary to restore its effectiveness.

3-Cleaning external Filters (Central air conditioning systems only)

Central air conditioning systems with external air intake points typically have external filters that require periodic cleaning, but the cleaning frequency depends on the surrounding environment. The size, type, and filtration rate of these filters vary depending on the conditioned space (residential, commercial, industrial, medical, etc.).  Obviously, these filters should be cleaned or replaced according to a maintenance schedule.

4-Cleaning External Condensation Units

The heat exchange surfaces of the external condenser unit should be cleaned regularly. The cleaning frequency, however, depends on the environmental conditions. In dusty or polluted environments, more frequent cleaning may be necessary to prevent dirt and dust accumulation on the condenser coils. This build-up can hinder heat dissipation, reducing efficiency and placing strain on the compressors, ultimately shortening their lifespan.

5-Regular Inspection Can Reduce Maintenance Time

Pay attention to any changes in the sound of the indoor or outdoor air conditioner unit. Unusual noises may indicate a potential issue with the compressor, internal fans, or external fans. Addressing minor problems early on can prevent them from developing into major breakdowns. If you notice any changes, turn off the air conditioner and contact a maintenance professional for inspection.

6-Replacing Worn-Out External Insulation

The copper cooling pipes are typically insulated to minimize heat loss and maintain the air conditioner optimal cooling efficiency of. This insulation also protects the pipes from wear and tear caused by weather elements like heat and humidity. If you notice any signs of wear or tear on the insulation, replace it immediately. The same applies to external electrical connections, which should be properly insulated and protected to prevent damage. Failing to replace worn-out insulation can lead to decreased efficiency, forcing the compressor to work longer hours to compensate for the lost temperature difference in the pipes.

7-Shading the External Air Conditioner Unit

If permanently installing the external air conditioner unit away from direct sunlight or in a shaded location isn’t feasible, consider partially shading the unit, especially in very hot areas. Ensure sufficient clearance around the fan to allow for proper airflow and cooling. That will help to care for your air conditioner and keep it work for long time.


By following these simple air conditioner maintenance tips, you can avoid costly repairs and taking care for your air conditioner keeps it running smoothly and efficiently for years to come.  These tasks are generally simple and the homeowner or someone with basic maintenance experience can complete them. However, neglecting these steps can lead to the need for repairs or even a complete replacement of your air conditioning system.

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