A/C Installation services

Installation Services

You cannot keep changing your air conditioning units. This is illogical and expensive. Therefore, careful study and optimal selection are always required so that after choosing the type of air conditioning. It is important to have it installed by a qualified technician. Improper Installation Services can void the warranty and lead to problems down the road.

Installation must follow quality standards and manufacturer’s requirements. It also requires knowledge of the surrounding environment and local authority standards, in fact this is essential and there is no room for error here, as the error will continue and things will worsen gradually, making it difficult to correct over time. Such errors can cause vibrations and annoying noises, leaks of gas, water, or oil from the system, recurring electrical faults, and humidity leaks. Over time, cooling and air quality decrease due to insufficient or excessive moisture removal and malfunctioning airflow causing discomfort. In other words, choosing non-specialized and inexperienced people will cost more money down the road.

Finally, the warranty. Obviously, the warranty starts with choosing a good, reliable, and locally proven brand that offers a variety of models, capacities, and powers that suit our needs and provides a long and comprehensive warranty on its products. In addition, there is the installation warranty, which represents experience, trust, mastery of work, and commitment to quality.

Here comes our role. Where we will help you in the process of choosing the type of A/C that suits you and we will install it up to the highest standards with a warranty for our work.

Our Installation Services

We offer A/C Installation Services across villas, offices and buildings in Sharjah. Our team has expertise across the installation of air conditioning units in a wide range of brands.

Central Units

The main purposes of an Air-Conditioning centrale system are to provide a high indoor air quality as well as comfortable inhabiting. In particular with our high qualified team, we will provide you a proficiently Installation services and help you attain ultimate comfort.

Installation services of the central A/C units

Split Units

 Alrafah A/C & Ref offers Split unite installation both in commercial and residential places across Sharjah. For the perfect installation of your A/C split unit. We offer a quick and a professional A/C Installation Services in Sharjah, at an affordable rate.

Installing split air conditioning

Package Units

 Alrafah A/C & Ref offers a quick and a professional A/C Installation Services for package unit so if you are thinking about replacing your system A/C package unit thus will offering you a flexible, saving space and energy efficient.  

Installing package air conditioning

Don’t hesitate to Inquire for installation services offers from our team

BY choosing  Alrafah Air conditioning company you guaranteed the highest quality service. We look forward to partnering with you to create a comfortable and cool environment for your home and business.

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